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A world setting book introducing Vynestra's universe, known as The Compass, alongside new kinships, spells, feats, magical items, and hundreds of new powerful abilities within our unique ember demigod system.

The World of Vynestra gives you...

  • A unique optional ruleset called embers which both PCs and NPCs alike as deity-gifted beings. Will they rise to fame as demigods or tear the world asunder with their new found powers?
  • Dozens of brand new magical items and spells — as well as bespoke spells for each deity. Turn water into wine, create magical prosthetics, and place powerful curses onto those who dare cross you.
  • A number of kinships ranging from elves to half-dragons, plus several new kins such as the phoenix-born ashensworn and the frost-touched snow elves! Plentiful sub-kinships inspired by the peoples of ancient cultures such as Rome, Greece, Scythia, Persia, Gaul, Germania, and more!
  • Explore the bustling continent of Elos filled with numerous intriguing nations, all of which have their own cultures and agendas.
  • Follow the creation myth of The Compass, the central structure of Vynestra's world, whilst delving into the numerous deities and extra-planar entities which govern it.
  • Guidelines on modifying the Vynestra universe to suit your table. Play how YOU want to play.


More info on our Kickstarter page.

The World of Vynestra (Digital)

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