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The Vynestra Collection Press Kit

Thanks for visiting our press kit for The Vynestra Collection. If you need any additional information, please contact Giles at or our press partners All About Games Consulting at

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​Publisher: Vynestra

Preview Release: 9th July 2022

Kickstarter Date: 19th September 2023

Promo Website:

Availability: Digital PDFs and physical hardcovers

Languages: English

Ages: 13+

Press Contact:

Pre-Launch Page:

What Is Vynestra & The Vynestra Collection?

Vynestra is a third party publisher of 5th Edition content set within the Vynestra universe. The Vynestra Collection is an authentic, lore-rich, high fantasy world inspired by Classical civilisations.

We are Kickstarting five books in September 2023.

1. The World of Vynestra. An introduction to the rich world of Vynestra. This includes a new 5th Edition system called embers which allow players and NPCs to become demigods. Embers grants players access to hundreds of new abilities to customize their characters with, plus extensive ember modification and creation tools for GMs. Numerous races for 5th Edition, both old and new, such as the magma-born Ashensworn and Skyfarer half-dragons. A diverse pantheon of deities as well as new cult-based systems for worship and blessings. New spells and magical items which fit into the pre-established lore of Vynestra.

2. The Aldarin Empire. An introduction to the Aldarin people and the Aldarin Empire, which is heavily inspired by the culture of the Late Roman Republic. New class archetypes for the Aldarin Empire, such as the tactical Legionarius fighter who creates formations with their allies or the Revelry Cleric who can infuse alcohol with spells.

3. Deveros, The Amethyst Crown. A sprawling, 20 district city setting which delves into the capital of the Aldarin Empire. This features over 600 locations, dozens of organizations, and numerous diverse, LGBTQIA+ friendly NPCs to interact with. New spells and magical items which fit into the Deveros setting.

4. Sif's Guide to the Creatures of Deveros. Over 100 new monsters to accompany Deveros, The Amethyst Crown which explores the world of vampires, gladiators, gangs, gryphons, and high CR demigods. A new demigod system which allows players to investigate and research how to kill each demigod, plus guidance for GMs in how to create their own.

5. Blood Tithes, Chapter 1. The first chapter of Deveros's first campaign setting, Blood Tithes, which takes players from Levels 1-5 as they explore the underbelly of Cruorse Isle near Deveros and clash against the Vampiric Order.

Our initial Kickstarter will include the above books, which will be available for digital download soon after the Kickstarter has finished.

Deveros In A Nutshell

Deveros In A Nutshell is a 112 page free preview document of the above 1,000+ pages of Kickstarter content, which released on July 9th 2022. It features a selection of spells, magical items, monsters, lore, maps, background, a full district of Deveros, and the first half of Blood Tithes: a level 1-3 adventure called Late Shipments accompanied by dozens of illustrations and battlemaps. It also includes an introduction to the ember system with some sample embers to try out, as well as new systems for deific blessings and bathhouse rests.

You can find this document over on this page here.

We also have released a new, free starter adventure called Roots of the Grapevine which can be found on Itch and DriveThruRPG.

About Us

Vynestra started as a homebrew 5th Edition universe in 2014 created by Vynestra's Lead Designer Giles Penfold, born out of a love for Classical history (especially ancient Rome). It has since grown into a fully fledged series of upcoming publications supported by dozens of talented artists, designers, cartographers, consultants, graphic designers, editors, playtesters, and many many more.


Vynestra's philosophy is to facilitate GMs with as much control as possible over their world, modifying as they see fit to suit their own table and their players. Once you own a Vynestra book, that is your universe now, not ours. We seek to support LGBTQIA+ inclusion into 5th Edition and are actively looking for new ways to facilitate inclusivity and diversity in our publications.

Vynestra is a UK based publisher with an aim to distribute globally alongside our partnership with GamesQuest. We are looking to expand into Pathfinder 2nd Edition in 2024.

Our mascot is called Cardin! He's an iridescent cardinal from the Aldarin Empire who'll guide you through our books with both insightful (and not so insightful) inputs from time to time.



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