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A nation lore book detailing the Romanesque Aldarins and their rich culture. Contains new sub-classes and backgrounds for players with a heavy Roman theme, such as the legionarius and the patrician, alongside a bathing rest system to attain temporary boons from thermae.


The Aldarin Empire gives you...

  • New lore-rich backgrounds and feats for your players to use.
  • Six new thematic sub-classes: The Legionarius (Fighter), The Gryphon Rider (Fighter), The Twinned Moons Patron (Warlock), The Revelry Domain (Cleric), The Emotion Domain (Cleric), and The College of Five (Bard).
  • New rulesets for resting by taking baths within thermae, using magical oils and salts, and making offerings to the gods.
  • A dive deep into the lives of the Aldarins, learning about their traditions, politics, military, religions, magics, sports, and more!


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The Aldarin Empire (Digital)

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