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NOTE: This is limited stock left over from UK Games Expo. This stock will only be able to ship to UK and EU. US can expect stock to become available in July/August.


Sif's Guide to the Creatures of Deveros: A hefty tome of monsters, rival demigods, and encounters detailed by Sif Selaine, the Demigod of Adventure, whose notes will guide you in how to best deal with such powerful creatures.


From rowdy political street gangs to spirits cursed by the gods, from heavily armoured legionarii to devastatingly powerful demigods, there are dozens of new and exciting creatures to use within the Deveros campaign setting or in your own home games. Follow the journey of Sif, the Demigod of Adventure, as they document their journey throughout Deveros. Sif's Guide to the Creatures of Deveros contains:

  • Over 100 new stat blocks featuring a variety of creatures ranging from low CR to high CR with oodles of high quality, artist-drawn artwork.
  • A dozen exciting encounters ranging from small events to sprinkle into your sessions to sweeping mini-adventures.
  • Tonnes of new lore expanding on the groups and organisations found within Deveros: The Amethyst Crown plus guides on how to operate these groups with quick emberblood templates to upgrade any creature.
  • Statistics and lore for immensely powerful demigods, which require in-depth research into obscure rituals to be able to truly defeat.


Because of how Wix sets up their site, I cannot include a PDF with this order but if you drop me an email at after you place your order, I'll send you over the PDF for this book along with any digital maps relating to it.

Sif's Guide to the Creatures of Deveros (Physical)

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