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Explore the abandoned Vitis Vineyard on the outskirts of Deveros, unearth its dark history, and, if you're bold enough, claim this Romanesque domus as your new home.


This is a great starter adventure for those seeking a fresh world to explore, filled to the brim with classical history melded into an inclusive and vibrant high fantasy universe. Players embark on a 4-6 hour adventure into the depths of this mysterious domus where they'll unearth a layered history of chthonic cults, exciting encounters, and mischievous miscreants.


  • Meet friendly and not-so-friendly NPCs.
  • Unravel long-forgotten stories.
  • Befriend fluffy critters with tasty snacks.
  • Claim ownership of an entire vineyard.
  • Become embroiled in Deveros's local mercenary circles.
  • Find out if you are the hunters or the hunted.
  • Finish this adventure and jump right into the next with our Kickstarter preview supplement, Deveros In A Nutshell.



  • A new-player-friendly starter adventure for 5th Edition D&D.
  • Oodles of high quality art created by exceptionally talented artists.
  • An engrossing mystery which unravels as the players explore.
  • Additional lore, plot hooks, and suggestions for follow-up adventures.

    You may access a digital version of Roots of the Grapevine here.

Roots of the Grapevine (5e Print Edition)

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