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A colossal city setting featuring the capital of the Aldarin Empire. There are: over 600 locations; 20 districts; hundreds of diverse, inclusive NPCs; gossip; encounters; organisations; guilds; and plot hooks.


Deveros, The Amethyst Crown gives you...


Explore a deeply diverse metropolis rooted in rich Romanesque culture and Venetian layout comprised of 20 fully realised districts, each with their own unique stories to tell. Deveros, The Amethyst Crown contains:

  • Over 600 detailed locations ranging from temples and tabernae to amphitheatres and arenas.
  • Hundreds of diverse NPCs covering a broad spectrum of kinships and genders.
  • Dozens of organisations, both benevolant and nefarious, woven into the rich lore of the city.
  • Numerous action-packed plot hooks and tidbits of gossip covering the breadth of the capital city.
  • A highly detailed, hand drawn city map brought to life by the talented Misjay Maps.
  • Additional guides on buying and renting property, downtime jobs, transport, food and drink, and much, much more!


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Deveros, The Amethyst Crown (Digital)

SKU: DTACDigital
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