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Vampires are nefarious entities at the best of times, but what happens when you let them sink their teeth into the beating heart of a political powerhouse such as Deveros? Find out in Blood Tithes, Chapter 1: the introductory adventure path for Deveros taking players from levels 1 to 5 over two epic blood-pumping adventures.


Blood Tithes: Chapter 1 gives you...


  • Unearth the plot of Deveros's Vampiric Order to smuggle blood mules into the city for consumption by their breathren and watch it all burn to the ground with a bang.
  • Become locked away within the depths of Quor's Crucible arena and fight for your lives in the gladiatorial matches of these blood-stained sands.
  • Encounter a multitude of memorable NPCs in these non-linear adventures, where players will never take the same path with each playthrough.
  • Fight against an array of unique monsters and deadly encounters as you avoid street gangs and hungry dhampir hunters. 


See our Kickstarter page for more info!

Blood Tithes: Chapter 1 (Digital)

SKU: BTC1Digital
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