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The Vynestra Collection

A 5th Edition city and world setting inspired by the culture of ancient Rome and modern Venice.
Our Kickstarter has ended and we are now in fulfilment of pledges. Visit our webstore above to grab our books!


A City of Intrigue, Rivalries, and Deadly Encounters

Delve into the depths Deveros, capital of the noble Aldarin Empire - an empire in all but rule.

Explore 20 sprawling districts filled to the brim with diverse NPCs who play host to countless shops, guilds and temples.

Fight against the minions of the Vampiric Order in the depths of the city sewers or clash blades with the vainglorious gladiators of Quor's Crucible.


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Your World, Your Path

Walk the path of the emberblood, rising to become demigods under the gaze of over 20 deities belonging to the Medial Pantheon. Choose from hundreds of immensely versatile abilities and combine them together to customise both PCs and NPCs like never before.


Will you devote yourself to a fickle god and claw your way into the immortal realms? Dare you cross paths with other mighty emberblood of these lands, seeking to prove your worth? Or shall you join a mercyr guild dead-set on cleansing civilisation of corruption all whilst lining your pockets with coin? Your fate is in your hands.

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Over 1,000 pages of lore, NPCs, adventures, magical items, feats, spells, monsters, deities, subclasses, plot hooks, maps, demigods, and much much more!

Introduce your players to the world of Vynestra with an exciting introductory adventure where they fight as penal gladiators within Quor's Crucible. Learn the culture of Aldarin along the way, as well as how to utilise embers to shape fate into their own hands.

Are you ready to explore The Vynestra Collection?

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